Lord Mantis dropped off Southern Darkness Fest and that really bums me out. I wanted to hear DEATH MAaAaAaAaSsSkK live.

Had to go to the Ybor theaters to see this, but it was totally worth it.

I’m off on Saturday + next Tuesday and didn’t have to request off, hell yeah. Get to go to my first Comic Con, then see Candy Hearts.

Aaron Gillespie is playing drums for Paramore and Spencer is sitting a few rows in front of me. DO AN UNDEROATH SONG.

Seeing Fall Out Boy for the first time ever / Paramore for the first time since ‘08 tomorrow night (well, tonight now). Pretty stoked besides the fact I’ll be up in the 3rd level. However, I’ll be dead center, so guess that’s a plus.

I get to see fuckin Harms Way tomorrow.

If they play “Timing”, I’m coming out of mosh retirement.

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked for the other bands playing too, but I’ve never seen Harms Way before, so yeah.

To drive to this record store in St. Pete that I know will have most of what I want on Saturday or go to the closest store to me (which is like 10-15 mins away) where I’m not sure what all records they’re going to have. Decisions, decisions.

Holy fucking shit

Ladies that are into chubby dudes with beards that like metal and hardcore music and are nerdy, hmu.

I don’t have to work on Record Store Day this year and I actually have a friend now who is into collecting that wants to go. Saturday is gonna rule.

Damn, I don’t know if their name was in the video or on the website this morning and I just didn’t notice, but Junius is playing Southern Darkness Fest too. So fucking stoked.